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When $100 becomes $100+ million the World Starts Listening, Are You?

You can probably tell that I'm passionate about Crypto and Blockchain. It's because I sincerely believe it is good for the world. That it will help bank the unbanked people by giving millions of people, if not billions of people control over their own money.

Plus lower fees, like XRP. But this article is not about XRP, it is about Bitcoin.

This article is about the fact, that Bitcoin has been the best performing asset ever in history.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency. It has the first-mover advantage and has the name recognition, but it is not the best technology. However, it has performed unbelievably well. Let me say that again. It has outperformed every asset throughout history, and if Bitcoin were to look back it wouldn't even see the other contestants. Here are the numbers.

March 2010 - Bitcoin is at $0.003 USD.

December 2012, just before the end of the world, bitcoin is at $13 USD.


Today Bitcoin is at $18,350 USD

If you decided to stay home one weekend and watch Netflix instead of going out to dinner, and instead bought $100 worth of bitcoin at $0.003 USD you would have 33,333 bitcoin. Multiply that by today's price, and you have $611 million.

I know 90% of people think it's a scam.

It's not. But let's say it was.

Would you be willing to invest one weekend to potentially be financially free after holding for 10 years?

$1 invested = $6 million?

Bitcoin has gone up 8.9 million per cent over the last decade.

Have $100 of it doesn't sound too silly now.

Obviously, we don't have a time machine and probably for good reason. But the key part to all of this, is that Cryptocurrency is the first new asset class in hundreds of years. The 2017 bull run was driven purely by retail investors (individuals like you and me) the 2020/2021 bull run has already been confirmed to have many hundreds of institutions on board.

There are currencies like Vechain, Pundi X, and others that are doing great things in the world that are only a cent or two each.

All I'm saying is that it's worth talking to your financial advisor (because I am not one) about potentially putting 1% of your net worth into this new asset class.

I write this article because if I was in your position I would want someone to tell me that I could have turned $1 into $6 million, just through three key things.

  1. Research

  2. Taking action

  3. Patience

So I ask you now before it's on the news. When $100 becomes $100+ million the World Starts Listening, Are You?

This article is great for looking at Bitcoin's price history -

Happy Researching, Mitch

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