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My Portfolio Breakdown

If you're interested to know what's in my portfolio for this bull cycle.

I have 90% of the value in my Hold Portfolio and 10% in my Trade Portfolio. See the breakdown below. I use Binance for my crypto trading as it has the most features and low fees.

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In order of $ value

XRP - Cross border payments, waiting on a positive resolution from SEC lawsuit

BTC - Positioned as a synthetic digital reserve asset for corporations, cities and rich individuals

ALGO - Offers excellent passive income at 7% per year which is paid every 10 minutes

VET - Designed for tracking packages, including Covid-19 vaccines

TEL - Partnering with the telecommunications industry to allows you to transfer crypto from a mobile phone number

ADA - Smart Contracts, better than Ethereum.

PUNDI - Micro-cap coin with huge upside potential, they build EFTPOS machines for crypto, they reducing the token amount by 1000x this year

IOST - Internet of Things, waiting for airdrop soon.

BNB - Binance exchange token to reduce trading fees

HOT - 4th generation crypto concept. Price extremely suppressed.

XLM - I use this to hedge against XRP.

BTT - Bittorent network with 1 Billion users get rewarded in BTT token.

AGI - Artificial Intelligence focused

VTHO - Vechain's gas token which is spent when doing transactions


Consists of

  • 50% Swing Trades lasting weeks to months

  • 25% Day Trades

  • 25% Capital sitting there for a market correction

Do you want to know more?

Want to be tutored in how you can benefit from cryptocurrency?

Check out my Tutoring page by clicking any of these photos.

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