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English Translation of SBI Holdings Ripple XRP Announcement

SBI Holdings is a huge banking conglomerate in Japan which owns 10% of Ripple and is super bullish on XRP, this was their announcement today. Here is the source: I used google translate.


A curriculum to learn about Ripple and XRP is released on PoL under the supervision of Ripple

Techtec Co., Ltd., which operates blockchain utilization and blockchain online learning service "PoL" in the education field, has been leading the market for many years as a leading company in the crypto asset and blockchain industry (Headquarters: California, USA) State, CEO: Under the supervision of Brad Garlinghouse (Ripple), we have published a curriculum where you can learn about Ripple and XRP.

Click here for Ripple:

Click here for Techtec:

About Ripple

Ripple is a leading company in the field of crypto assets and blockchain, which was founded in San Francisco, USA in 2012. We provide the international remittance network "RippleNet" utilizing blockchain to more than 300 financial institutions around the world, and realize an excellent customer experience in international remittance.

By utilizing the crypto asset XRP as a bridge currency for international remittance, it not only enables real-time payment, but also realizes significant cost reduction.

Comment from Ripple, Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Operations / Emi Yoshikawa

With the growing interest in blockchain and crypto assets in recent years, how to disseminate accurate information has become an important issue for industry stakeholders. We are very pleased that Ripple and XRP learning content will be provided at PoL from the perspective of information dissemination and education in the Japanese market. Through this learning content, we hope that learners will realize how Ripple is solving the problem of international money transfer with breakthrough technology and what kind of potential blockchain has. I will.

Background of curriculum release

At PoL operated by techtec Co., Ltd., you can learn online use cases of blockchain in various industries. So far, we have provided high-quality content by creating a curriculum in collaboration with the management body of projects that utilize blockchain.

Ripple is a leading company that aims to realize a better customer experience in international remittance by providing the international remittance network "RippleNet" utilizing blockchain to financial institutions around the world.

By accurately disseminating information in Japanese, we have made it possible to provide learning content with PoL, which is highly recognized in Japan, so that many people will be familiar with Ripple and XRP.

Under the supervision of Ripple, we are creating a curriculum where you can learn about the next-generation global payment systems, Ripple and XRP.

Curriculum content

This curriculum consists of the following lesson contents.

[Lesson ①] Current status and problems of international remittance

  • About the expansion of the international remittance market

  • Current challenges (low speed, high cost, opacity, etc.)

  • Traditional international remittance mechanism

  • Solving the problem of international money transfer by blockchain

[Lesson 2] What is RippleNet?

  • Overview of Ripple

  • What is RippleNet?

  • Basic structure and basic technology of RippleNet

  • About RippleNet's standard remittance rules

  • Examples of introduction by financial institutions

[Lesson ③] What is On-Demand Liquidity (ODL)?

  • Problems solved by ODL

  • How ODL works

  • Case study by financial institutions

[Lesson ④] What is crypto asset XRP?

  • History of XRP

  • Characteristics of XRP

  • About the difference between Ripple and XRP

[Lesson ⑤] Initiative for Ecosystem Development by RippleX

  • * Overview of RippleX

  • * Open source technology backed by RippleX

  • * Developer tools provided by RippleX

  • * An example of a project supported by RippleX

You can also learn about global payment systems using Ripple's blockchain, crypto asset XRP that provides on-demand liquidity, challenges in the international money transfer market and future payment systems.

About PoL

PoL is an e-learning platform that records learning history on the blockchain. The data recorded on the blockchain is difficult to tamper with and boasts high transparency.

Therefore, it is possible to generate truly correct learning data without the arbitrariness of the administrator. PoL aims to realize a learning history society by utilizing this correct learning data.

We are also offering "PoL Enterprise" to support the start-up of corporate blockchain business and the development of a learning environment based on the operational results of blockchain-related services cultivated over many years.

In August 2020, PoL Enterprise was certified as an "IT introduction support company" in the 2020 IT introduction subsidy system led by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for the first time as a crypto asset / blockchain-related service.

Company Profile

Trade name: techtec Co., Ltd. Representative: Tomohiro Tagami Location: 1-4-4 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083 ZENITAKA ANNEX 2F Established: January 2018 Business description: Education business, research consulting business Capital: 17,994,600 yen (including capital reserve) URL:

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