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Crypto Bull Run Soon: 21 Reasons It Is Happening Before late 2021

December 2017 to January 2018 was the last time the crypto asset class had a huge run-up in price (what they call a bull run). Here's my list of 21 reasons why the crypto asset class is about to have another bull run and how you can be prepared for it. In a crypto bull run, Bitcoin is often the first mover and after it's run up, the other coins (called Altcoins) make their run.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor, this is simply to highlight the digital trend for you, so that you can go and do your own research.

21 Reasons A Crypto Bull Run is Around the Corner

Click each point to research more on the topics that interest you. Each point has a news article attached to it. I removed the underline for ease of reading.

  1. China and the USA are in a digital currency tech race. Both countries don’t want the other to beat them, so the clock is ticking for mass adoption to happen sooner rather than later

  2. Paypal, one of the biggest payment providers, has just allowed cryptos to be bought and sold on their platform

  3. Big companies are starting to allocate funds from their large asset portfolios to the crypto asset class, some as much as 10% of their portfolio

  4. Bull runs happen in cycles and analysts are pointing to the end of this year and start of 2021 to be the next one

  5. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is prioritising their research on blockchain and cross border transactions, as they know it's important for the world

  6. More American Congress members are becoming pro-crypto, these are the policymakers who affect big decisions globally

  7. Donald Trump's former chief of staff is pro-crypto and launching a crypto hedge fund. Donald Trump no doubt has had many conversations behind closed doors about cryptocurrencies.

  8. Australia is allocating money in the 2020 budget to prioritise blockchain

  9. Government quantitative easing across the world is at all-time highs

  10. Crypto negative stigma is starting to dissipate, there are far less "Is Bitcoin Dead" articles in the news compared to previous years

  11. The gaming industry is starting to include Crypto in its software

  12. There are currently 10,503 Bitcoin ATM’s in the world and that number is increasing daily

  13. COVID-19 has helped everyone accept the digital world more, normalising new digital forms of living. This makes people more open-minded to digital currencies

  14. Google trends search volume for crypto is increasing

  15. Investing in crypto is getting easier by the day, making it easier for the average person to give it a go

  16. Banks can now custody cryptocurrencies for customers

  17. Mainstream adoption is getting closer as startups come up with new ways to build interest

  18. The whole crypto asset class is less than $400 billion dollars, compared to Apple which has a market cap of 2 trillion dollars.

  19. There is a strong desire in the market to hedge against rising inflation, and people are looking to precious metals and cryptocurrencies

  20. Specific cryptocurrencies are becoming the solution to some big global problems which have lots of financial backing

  21. Blockchain companies are partnering up with some big-name companies, momentum is building

I would say "this is only the beginning" but it's not true. This industry has been building up for years and we are very fortunate to be able to invest early in the new Internet of Value

Want to know how to get in before the party gets started? Do you want to know about this before the next family dinner where your uncle mentions that he just bought crypto? If so, then check out these links below.

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I hope you found my list eye-opening, let me know in the comments which point is most exciting to you.

Don’t wait for the media attention, because by then the price will have already shot up. That is why so many people lost money in the last crypto bull run. Let's learn from history by getting in early.

Good luck on your researching journey, I'll be here if you need me!

- Mitch

Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links and help support this blog.

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