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25 Years of Bank Interest in 2 Weeks

On November 6th I posted my Crypto Power Trio, which are the three crypto projects that I believe the most in. Since then they have gone up a combined 53% which means $1000 invested only two weeks ago is $1530 today, and that is simply the beginning.

Note: Numbers are in Australian Dollars.

XRP has gone up from $0.34 to $0.63 which is an 85% increase.

VET has gone up from $0.013 to $0.020 which is a 53% increase.

ALGO has gone up from $0.34 to $0.41 which is a 20% increase.

Combining those percentage gains means that from having a diversification of these three great technologies you would have made a 53% gain.


So if you had invested $1000 split equally across those three assets on the 6th of November, it would now be worth $1,530.

That means at the highest interest rate of 1.45% it would take you over 25 years (if you include compounding interest) to achieve this same gain that it took two weeks to achieve through three key concepts.

  1. Research

  2. Action

  3. Patience

These are the highest long term deposits available as of this month (view here to view on Canstar)

53% in two weeks

This is only the beginning, so if you'd like to read the article that made me and 6 of my friends 53% gains, here it is

Talk soon friends,


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